Discover the Power of Canna for Your Garden

Welcome to a greener future with Canna nutrients and grow media, the cornerstone of thriving gardens, whether they're reaching towards the sky in towering urban green spaces or flourishing in the cozy corners of indoor hydroponics. As enthusiasts of both hydroponic and traditional gardening, we understand the importance of choosing the right nutrients to bring out the best in our plants. That's why Good Grow is thrilled to offer an insightful look into Canna's comprehensive range of products. Our goal is to empower you, the modern gardener, to cultivate vibrant plants in any setting.

Canna nutrients are celebrated for their superior quality and effectiveness in promoting plant growth, health, and yield. Crafted with precision, these nutrients are tailored to meet the specific needs of plants at different stages of their lifecycle, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization. Whether you're dabbling in the art of hydroponics, embracing the tradition of soil gardening, or experimenting with the latest in urban gardening techniques, Canna's lineup has something special for your garden.

The Heart of Canna: Hydroponic Nutrients and Grow Mediums

At the heart of Canna's product range are their hydroponic nutrients, designed to simplify the path to successful hydroponic gardening. From the foundational Canna Aqua for recirculating systems to the versatile Canna Coco, designed for use with coco coir mediums, these products provide a balanced diet for your plants. Canna Terra, meanwhile, is perfect for those who prefer the tactile nature of soil gardening, offering a blend of nutrients specifically formulated for soil use.

Canna's grow mediums, including the popular Canna Coco, not only ensure optimal root health and water retention but also act as a perfect partner to their nutrient lines. These mediums are engineered to work in harmony with Canna nutrients, creating an environment where plants can thrive in stress-free conditions.

Other Powerful Canna Products to Optimize Plant Growth

Canna Rhizotonic

Designed for: Although not exclusively for coco coir, this powerful root stimulant is beneficial for plants grown in Canna Coco medium. It enhances root growth, increases plant resistance, and supports overall plant health.


Designed for: A high-quality enzyme product that helps break down dead root material in coco coir and recycles it into useful nutrients for the plant. It helps to prevent disease and improves nutrient absorption.

Canna Boost Accelerator

Designed for: A flowering stimulant that can be used with plants grown in coco coir to enhance flower formation, increase yields, and improve the taste and aroma of the harvest.

Canna PK 13/14

Designed for: A bloom booster providing high levels of phosphorus and potassium to plants during the flowering stage when grown in coco coir, leading to denser, more potent flowers.

Why Choose Canna for Your Garden?

Choosing Canna for your garden means investing in a product line that's backed by years of research and development. Here's why Canna stands out:

  • Tailored Nutrition: Canna's nutrients are scientifically formulated to meet the precise needs of your plants, ensuring they receive the right balance of essential elements at every growth phase.
  • Versatility: Whether you're an urban gardener working with limited space or an indoor gardening aficionado, Canna's product range caters to a diverse array of gardening methods and plant types.
  • Quality and Consistency: With Canna, you can expect high-quality, consistent results. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of purity and potency.

Making an Informed Decision with Good Grow

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At Good Grow, we're committed to helping you navigate the world of gardening with confidence and ease. Our selection of Canna products is curated to support your gardening endeavors, from the seedling stage to harvest. Whether you're searching for the ideal hydroponic nutrient solution, the perfect grow medium, or expert advice on how to integrate Canna products into your gardening routine, we're here to assist.

 -Team Good Grow