Cocogro Compressed Coconut Coir Bale, 5kg

Cocogro Compressed Coconut Coir Bale, 5kg

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Coconut coir is produced from renewable, ecologically responsible sources unlike other popular grow media, like peat moss.

Cocogro is effective at retaining moisture and nutrients for roots while its texture allows it to hold more oxygen which helps prevent over and under watering. Coco coir is the ideal growing media for organic and hydro-organic applications. The media allows for greater populations of beneficial, oxygen loving organisms and higher levels of atmospheric oxygen (O2) around the root zone. This increased population of soil microorganisms play a large role in higher yields by breaking down organic and mineral based matter making them available to plants.

  • Made with 100% premium buffered coco coir.

  • Naturally aged.

  • Double washed.

  • Composted to remove tannins.

  • Naturally maintains ideal air to water ratio.

  • Very low EC/salt content.

  • Use right out of the bag.

  • Amend Cocogro to achieve the right consistency for your plants.

  • Always Use with Cal-Mag Plus, and any base nutrient or supplement.

  • Soilless media may require fertilization from transplant.

5 kg Bale: when hydrated makes 2.2-2.5 cubic feet or 65-70 liters of medium or 16 gallons.