North Spore Lion's Mane Mushroom Log Kit

North Spore Lion's Mane Mushroom Log Kit

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Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is a nutritious medicinal mushroom that produces plump white clusters with icicle-like teeth. When cooked, it has a consistency and flavor similar to crab meat. Though slightly harder to get flushes than oysters or shiitake, they are still a great outdoor mushroom for intermediate growers. They colonize slowly but are relatively reliable producers.

Each outdoor kit contains:

  • A drill bit

  • Log sealing wax

  • A wax applicator

  • Voucher for 100ct plug spawn

  • Instruction guide

That's not mold, it's mycelium!

You'll receive plug spawn colonized with mushroom mycelium. It may appear covered with a soft, white, mold-like substance - that's the mushroom mycelium! It is completely normal. The mycelium of some species is more prominent than others. 

Spawn is living and perishable. It can live unrefrigerated for up to three months, though it is best to keep it refrigerated for long-term storage. When you receive your spawn, please refrigerate if you will not be using soon.