Summer Squash - Black Beauty Zucchini Seeds - Organic

Summer Squash - Black Beauty Zucchini Seeds - Organic

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Summer Squash Black Beauty produces a huge crop of tender zucchini squash during the summer. Harvest zucchini squash when the fruits are small. This will result in a more tender and flavorful squash. Easy to grow and a great choice for the beginner gardener. 

Zucchini seeds can be planted directly into the garden soil.

Plant seed directly into garden soil 2-3 weeks after the last frost date. 

Make mounds of rich soil 2' apart and plant 2 seeds on top 1/2" deep. Later thin to 1 plant per mound. Keep well watered and fertilized throughout the growing season. Mulching can be useful in conserving moisture and minimizing the presence of weeds. Grow in full sun. 

Harvest your zucchini when they are 6-8" long. Cut them gently from the vine. They blend in with leaf stems so if they do grow too big remove them a put in the compost pile. 

Each packet contains 50 Organic Black Beauty Summer Squash seeds. Cucurbita pepo. Annual. Open-pollinated, heirloom, Non-GMO. Harvest in 55 days. $3.00

This packet plants 25 mounds for 25 plants. 

Summer Squash sprouts, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit are edible.

One of the best ways to eat zucchini is freshly sliced in salads. It is delicious sauteed in butter, grilled, or baked into sweet loaves of quick bread. It also makes a great substitution for pasta. The large yellow squash blossoms can also be harvested and eaten raw or cooked. Only female blossoms produce fruit, so you can harvest most of the male flowers without slowing down the plant's productivity. The plant only requires a few male flowers to pollinate the remaining female blooms so they can set fruit.

Black Beauty will produce large amounts of delicious squash. Plant it just once to harvest squash all summer long. The plants have smooth spineless stalks and are drought tolerant. Zucchini is a healthy and flavorful vegetable that can be added to many different dishes. 

Zucchini nutrition includes supplying vitamin C and antioxidants, having anti-Inflammatory properties that support heart health, supplying potassium and B vitamins, improving digestion, supporting eye health, protecting against diabetes, and supporting thyroid/adrenal function.